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Agri-tourism park in Marinduque

March 18, 2010


March 5, 2010, 2:09pm

n ambitious project that will showcase how to enhance the environment as well as provide livelihood opportunities for residents in the far-flung community of Brgy. Yook in Buenavista, Marinduque was launched last Tuesday.

The project is called Community-Based Agri-Tourism and Eco Park (CBATEP). It was launched by the  Technology and Livelihood Development Committee of the province co-chaired by the provincial governor and retired PNP Director General Recaredo Sarmiento who is also the provincial consultant for Agriculture.

The ceremonial tree planting of narra trees was done during the launching. According to Gen. Sarmiento, most of the trees that will be planted in the 178 hectares of rolling and hilly terrain will be narra and other native species.

What is good about the place is that there is a strong spring that will serve as a source of water for watering the plants that will be grown in the project. In fact, Gen. Sarmiento said the water will be sufficient to enable them to raise Pangasius as a source of additional livelihood for the community residents.

Aside from forest trees, selected high-value fruit trees will be grown, including longkong lanzones, rambutan, pummelo, oranges, cashew, sweet tamarind, durian and many others. Gen. Sarmiento has proven in his own farm that longkong lanzones, durian and rambutan are well adapted to the climatic conditions obtaining in Marinduque.

Gen. Sarmiento added that the narra trees as well as the fruit trees will be the sources of nectar and pollen for the honeybees. A honeybee project is now being launched in the project site handled by Brenda Sarmiento. This particular project is being financed by the Department of Labor and Employment with a grant of P260,000.

The CBATEP launching was attended by no less than 500 people that included government officials as well as farmers from the different barangays of Buenavista. During the launching, Gov. Jose Antonio Carrion and Gen. Sarmiento profusely thanked Dr. Emilio T. Yap, chairman of the Manila Bulletin, for his generous financial contribution of P1 million to the project. Counterpart financing are also being given by the provincial government, the municipality of Buenavista headed by Mayor Ofelia S. Madrigal, the Gold Barrel Sports Resort, and other supporters.
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