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Very happy with organic

March 18, 2010

Agri Plain Talk


January 8, 2010, 1:58pm

Our friend Remy Rodis Santelices is very ecstatic these days. After three months of using an organic foliar fertilizer on her durian trees, ornamentals and orchids, the plants are doing extremely well. Her durian trees, in particular, have started to produce a lot of flowers since the middle of last December after sprayin the trees weekly with the organic fertilizer since last October.

Her colored dendrobium orchids which rarely flowered before have developed fat stems and are now profusely flowering. The same is true with her other ornamental plants. They are growing very vigorously.

The registered name of the foliar fertilizer is Advance Organic Fertilizer manufactured in Cebu, but soon another factory will be set up in Pangasinan to take care of the requirements of farmers and gardeners in Luzon.

We have been using the same organic fertilizer on our fruit trees. Our durian trees, too, have started to produce flowers. The same is true with our pummelos. We are also spraying the same fertilizer weekly on our Longkong and Duku lanzones as well as our R-5 and other selected rambutans. The leaves of the pummelos have become shiny.

The use of Advance Organic Fertilizer is very economical. Only 20 tablespoons is mixed with a gallon or four liters of water. This will already be enough to spray a good number of trees. If a big number is to be sprayed, three liters may be mixed with a drumful of water (50 gallons) and sprayed with a power sprayer. Aside from spraying on the leaves, the solution may also be drenched in the root zone of the plants.

Saving money on fertilization is not the only benefit from using organic fertilizer. For one, it does not cause acidity in the soil. There is no hazard of over-fertilizing or burning the roots or leaves of the plants sprayed.

Organic fertilizers also help maintain organic soil structure that retains naturally occurring beneficial bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. The food products that are produced are higher in nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. The flavor of naturally-farmed food products is much better than those applied with chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

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