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International Day for Achievers

March 24, 2010

March 23, 2010, 3:17pm

To honor the strong sense of purpose and confidence that achievers possess, International Day for Achievers is celebrated on March 24. This is an excellent time to project the message that everyone has the capacity to be an achiever by developing the same qualities of those who seem to achieve more than others.

Ali Ibn Abi Thalib, one of the most brilliant minds of Islamic civilization, once said, “Success is the result of foresight and resolution, foresight depends upon deep thinking and planning, and the most important factor of planning is to keep secrets to yourself.”

If we are to look into the life stories of achievers in world history, we will realize that their success can be credited to a number of very common, universal, timeless, and unchanging principles that are applicable to all fields of endeavor – from industry to the academe, from the ivory tower of the corporate world to the warmth, safety, and comfort of home.

Changes and challenges that develop in the world neither add to nor subtract from the validity of these principles; they only serve to create alternatives and progress to its application.

Achievers are a unique brand of people. They are driven by a huge, all consuming vision for their lives and for the world and view the world as a perfect playing field to show and make concrete their ideas or their vision. They are often driven by this vision whether or not they are consciously aware of it.

Achievers do not have magic formulas, hereditary factors, or an inheritance that sets them apart from the rest of mankind. Achievers reach their goals by learning to discipline themselves for success, learn the rules that govern success, and rules that anyone can employ to ensure the kind of accomplishments they desire.

Extensively goal and results-oriented, achievers need to come up with many solutions to reach their goals and, therefore, need to be more creative than others. They take action to solve problems instead of worrying about them. They view the necessary work as not something to dread but something to live with, even enjoy.

High achievers are lifelong learners who subscribe to the process of continuous improvement and committed action. By finding the best possible methods to accomplish what they seek, achievers never settle for weakness, setting targets and objectives that are configured to their great visions.

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