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June Agriculture Magazine out

June 3, 2010


June 2, 2010, 3:49pm

Make sure to get a copy of the June issue of Agriculture Magazine so you will not miss the informative and inspiring stories that could help you in your own farm project.

You will get a closer look, for instance, at the strawberry industry in Benguet. The Benguet State University has been spearheading research and development in strawberry in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture’s regional field unit in the Cordillera Administrative Region, and the local government of La Trinidad. Melpha M. Abello reports that their efforts are centered on the improvement of planting materials, production technology, and market promotion of fresh and processed strawberry products.

Processed strawberry products include the classic strawberry preserve, a low-sugar version of the preserve for those who want lesser calories, strawberry spread and strawberry toppings for use in baking and confectioneries. Other products are strawberry crumble, pastries that include tarts, polvoron, chocoberry and strawberry kisses.

You will also read about the inspiring story of Gil Victor and Prime Quizon who are pioneering in the production and processing of various turkey meat products. The Quizon Farm in Antipolo City is one of the few turkey farms in the country today. They raise the improved breeds and process turkey meat into juicy burger, meat balls, sausages flavored with herbs, bottled sisig, adobo flakes and paksiw na lechon. These are all made of pure turkey meat without any extenders.

There’s a new twist in sunflowers. Instead of being planted to produce seeds for extracting oil and as birdseed, new hybrids are being grown for cut flower as well as for the production of pot plants. There are two types, namely the dwarf and the tall hybrids. The dwarf type is called Sunbright Kids which is only about a foot tall. The tall Sunbright is more than a meter tall but the flower is compact so that it is good for making flower arrangements and bouquets.

You will also read about Antica which is an organic fungicide and bactericide developed by Engr. Grecilda Zaballero of Ahcil Laboratories from Cebu. Antica has been registered by the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority as the country’s “First Natural Safe Organic Fungicide.” Of curse, it is not only a fungicide because it is also effective against bacterial diseases of plants.

Experiment as well application in commercial farms prove that Antica is effective in preventing Sigatoka and Moko diseases of banana. Initial tests also prove that Antica is also a good material to suppress the growth of anthracnose disease in vegetables, mango and also fungal and bacterial diseases of rice. Because of its non-toxic properties, Antica could be used for postharvest treatment of farm produce. It could be used to treat newly harvested mangoes against anthracnose which causes rotting in mango fruits that are being ripened.

Other stories include a feature on new varieties of coffee that will be available soon; contract growing scheme in rice; bagging protects pummelo from pests; new Japonica rice in Bohol; the potentials of arrowroot; authentic halal goat meat; school vegetable gardens in Quezon, and others.

Agriculture Magazine is the most widely circulated magazine of its kind in the Philippines. Copies can be had at leading bookstores, convenience stores and the Manila Bulletin’s outlets nationwide.

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