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November 24, 2009 – Fr. Greto Bugas, known for his advocacy on sustainable agriculture and even featured several times in Inquirer, got interested about the area where we have our orange pulp lakatan plantation intercropped with coconut trees upon learning that I already started farming in Polonuling, Tupi, South Cotabato as one way of spending my rest day. Based on his revelation, I discovered that it was also his dream to replicate his programs and spread his advocacy from that area.  On this day, Fr. Greto Bugas and Val, his most trusted technician, accompanied by Engr. Marianito Bendita, Fr. Ernesto Bendita,  and Joemar,  made their first ocular visit and found the area best for the their advocacy and conducive for business ventures based on sustainable agriculture.

February 08, 2010 –  Ms. Fely Jaque providentially knew how promising the pulp orange lakatan project  when we  had a casual conversations on how do I spend my day off.  With her involvement with Foundations, NGOs and POs her vision and mission to help the less fortunate ones are made clearer and stronger upon entertaining the possibility of organizing people who are willing to embrace and live the cooperative ideals  in saving Mother Earth and enhancing the lives of the greater possible number of people especially the poor, the needy and the suffering through sustainable agriculture. With all these things in mind, she was able to make a concept paper and initially identified some personalities who were prospect members of the envisioned group.

February 23, 2010, 10am – Fr. Greto Bugas, Fr. Ernesto Bendita, Engr. Marianito  Bendita, Val, Joemar, Mr. Frank Balayon, Ms. Felicitas Jaque and Ms. Merly Guipo visited both the actual areas planted with orange pulp lakatan owned by the Bendita Family and the proposed areas for the group plan for lakatan plantation together with other crops.  Then we proceeded to Nadies, a very popular restaurant in Tupi  for lunch and meeting at the same time.  Ms. Felicitas Jaque presented the concept paper to the group and after some moments of exchanging experiences and ideas the group unanimously decided to organize a cooperative.

March 10,  2010, 12:00 noon – Fr. Ernesto Bendita, Fr. Greto Bugas, Fr. Frank Roman0,  Mr. Roberto Alejo, Mr. Frank Balayon, Engr. Marianito Bendita, Ms. Merlita Guipo, Ms. Irene Paterno and Ms. Felicitas Jaque gathered for the organizational meeting at Mang Gorio, National Highway, General Santos City.  Draft Articles for Cooperation  and Constitution and By-Laws of the Agri-Green Multi-purpose Cooperative prepared by Ms. Felicitas Jaque were discussed, revised and finalized. In addition, the proposed name Agri-Green was retained;  the number of  Directors of the Cooperative preferred is nine  and the following were elected as  Officers of the Board of Directors of the original cooperators:

  • Fr. Ernesto Bendita – Chair
  • Mr. Frank Balayon – Vice Chair
  • Fr. Greto Bugas – General Manager
  • Ms. Merlita Guipo – Treasurer
  • Mr. Roberty Alejo – Auditor
  • Ms. Felicitas Jaque – Secretary

April 13, 2010, 5:00 PM: Agri-Green Members Consultative Meeting with CDA Officer, Mr. Danny Pandes was made at Tuna Grill, Quirino St., General Sanatos City. There were 16 members who attended out of 22. Four members who were absent had  pastoral related concerns which were urgent, one professor confirmed his attendance but arrived after the meeting  and another professor had to attend urgently to the hospitalization of her brother.

Ms. Fely Jaque briefly reviewed Agri Green history and Vision for the sake of the new members, then, Mr. Pandes gave the Orientation on the new Code of Cooperatives as mandated by Republic Act No. 9520. As a result, there is a need to revise the Name of Agri Green Multi-Purpose Cooperative to Agri-Green Production Cooperative . The members of the Board of Directors were confirmed to be five (5) only, they are : 1. Fr. Ernesto O. Bendita, 2. Mr. Frank Balayon, 3. Fr. Frank Romano, 4. Engr. Marianito Bendita and 5. Mr. Roberto Alejo. Ms. Felicitas N. Jaque still is the Secretary and Ms. Merlita Guipo, remains to be the treasurer.

Mr. Danny Pandes promised that he is going to provide the new format of the Articles of Cooperation and Constitution and By-Laws as soon as possible so that Agri-Green can already be registered at CDA. It will only take less than a month to finish its registration. The paid-up capital remains to be P250,000.00 which is targetted to be in bank by the end of April, 2010.

The treasurer is concern on collecting payment of shares from members as soon as possible. The Board of Directors wanted to start planting Lakatan by May, therefore land preparation must take place this month of April. However, contract of lease with land owner is dependent on the legality of Agri Green.

All members are enjoined to conduct massive invitations to people who have the same advocacy without sacrificing the principles of cooperativism.

The CDA Officer was impressed the way the BOD and members had systematically organized. He wanted it to be models to others who are planning to form cooperatives too.

The meeting ended with a dinner.

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  1. Ruben I. Sayat permalink
    April 13, 2010 4:06 pm

    -minimum members of Board of Directors -5, wherein they will elect among themselves the chairman and vice-chairman

    -secretary and treasurer are officers of coop which will be appointed by the BOD

    -no need for an auditor position because cooperative has an audit and inventory committee which will be incharge on its internal auditing

    • April 14, 2010 12:15 am

      Wow galing talaga a…im impressed by your expertise on cooperative. We are proud to have you as our member!

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